Thank you for stopping by and welcome to GivePetsAChance.

how it works

The guidelines used by GPAC to determine eligibility are as follows:

  1. low income ~ based Federal guidelines
  2. temporary financial hardship
  3. good samaritan ~ an individual rescues a stray or abandoned animal and is willing to find a home for it.

Disclaimer - Important Applicant Information

Funding Limitations

***Approved funding must be used within thirty (30) days from the date of approval. Funding not used within thirty (30) days will no longer be honored by GivePetsAChance.

***GivePetsAChance is only able to help an applicant once during a twelve (12) month period.

What GPAC does not cover:

Treatment given prior to GPAC being notified and/or approving eligibility status

Convenience/elective euthanasia

Spaying/Neutering, Grooming, Flea/tick prevention

Surgeries: major surgeries, elective surgeries (such as declawing and debarking), and cosmetic surgeries (such as ear cropping and tail docking)

Rescue groups, breeders, shelters, or research/commercial entities

how to apply

Contact us:

DO NOT email the application or income verification.  Leave both documents with the veterinary office to be mailed by them.


what you need to apply

  1. owner’s name and pet name
  2. nature of the problem
  3. household size
  4. monthly household income(must be verifiable)
  5. name and phone number for the veterinarian
  6. how they found out about GPAC